Tablet Repair

Hourly Rate£10
Virus Malware Removal£40
(starting from; depending on how bad infection is)
Standard Health Check
(Hard Disk Test, Memory Test, Anti-Virus Check, Updates)
Premium Health Check
(Standard Health Check, Plus: Removal of Temporary/Cache files, Internal and External Clean, Updates)
Some viral infections may require reinstalling the operating system in order to guarantee complete and safe removal of any and all infections.
Wifi Replacement
(Basic, Windows Install, Drivers, nothing else)
(does not include replacement drive)
Bluetooth Replacement
(Ready, Windows Install, Drivers, Windows Updates, Free Anti-Virus, Free Office, Adobe)
(does not include replacement drive)
Data Migration
(exact copy of one device to another)
(does not include accounts)
Basic Reset
(Installation, No Data Recovery, No Updates)
(does not include setting up printers, broadband, emails etc)
Full Factory Reset
(Installation, Updates, Free Anti-Virus, Free Office Application,)
(does not include setting up printers, broadband, emails etc)
Data Recovery£40
(does not include replacement drive, physical hard drive damage recovery will be significantly more)

I can’t see the service I need?

That is not a problem, please contact us and we will get a price for you.

Are our prices as low as can be?

Yes we check from time to time that our prices are competitive and we will also check when doing a price check.